Hey Everyone it’s Amanda Canaan, I’m a real estate Broker at Tampa’s Best Realty located in the Tampa Bay and Jacksonville Markets.  I created a new real estate show called 

The Real Estate Industry Adaptation to give people reliable updates on the Real Estate Industry Post Coronavirus. 


I’ll be interviewing professionals from multiple industries to find out the inside scoop of what’s Actually going on in their day to day business. 


I’m hoping that by providing the facts, I can help eliminate the fear, and show how it’s important that all businesses adapt, innovate, and meet the needs of their clients even when faced with difficulties. 


In our first interview, I talked to Ken Ynes. He is a successful local lender in the Tampa Bay Area. He offers some great insight into the mortgage industry and how his business has adapted to serve his clients.


Let me know what Real Estate Questions You have or Who you would like me to interview next? Text Me at 813-446-1571. I’d be happy to get you answers! 


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