When you’re ready to find out the best strategy to sell your home or you just want a FREE HOME VALUATION, we’re ready to help!

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Selling Your Home

Whether you’re ready to sell your home or you're just curious about what your home is worth, we’re ready to help you! 

When you’re ready for a personalized valuation of your home, we’d be happy to provide that to you too! 

We understand the home selling process can seem confusing and stressful. You deserve a real estate team that will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Our number one goal is to help you sell your home as fast as possible and for the most money that’s possible from the sale.

Here’s a few services we’ll provide you when you’re ready to sell:

Accurate Comparative Market Analysis

We’d love a quick tour of your home so we can give you the most accurate valuation possible. You’ve most likely made some upgrades and we want to hear all about them. We all know the internet has hundreds of websites that can generate estimates for you with past sales in your zip code, which can be very helpful in finding a price range of what your home could sell for.  These helpful tools won't be able to factor in all the other items that make your home special. It won't know about the upgrades you made, like a new roof or granite you installed or how your home is walking distance to an A Rated School. These items all affect your home value which is why you'll need a real estate professional to give you a more accurate valuation. We want you to tell us everything about your home that you think makes it special. We want to know about upgrades. We’ll even go visit your neighbor’s homes that are currently for sale. We truly care about giving you an honest and accurate valuation. 

Pricing Strategy

We genuinely care about being honest with you about what your best options are! A lot of other real estate firms will tell you what you want to hear! AKA, a higher list price than what you can actually get for your home. They want your business so badly, that they may stretch the truth on where you should list at. If they start out their relationship with a lie, how can you trust they’ll truly treat the rest of your sales process the way they sold it to you? We’ll promise you that you’ll get the truth from us! We want you to be informed before you jump into such a huge decision regardless of it’s the magic number you were hoping to hear. This truly sets us apart from other real estate firms! 

No one wants their property to sit on the market too long and go stale because it’s priced too high! The first 30 days of your house being on the market are the most important and will usually have the most activity and showings. Many seller’s think they should start the asking price high and that it’s no big deal to drop it later if there’s not enough activity. Although other agents might tell you this, it’s simply not the case! If the price is too high, many agents and buyers won’t view the home, or assume you’re not that serious about selling, or it will be too hard to negotiate with you so they won’t even want to schedule a showing. Everyone is aware the market is improving greatly. Homes are selling fast! Buyer’s and their agents are quick to assume that a property that’s been on the market a while is overpriced or there’s something else wrong with it. No seller wants to hear that’s how buyers are feeling! Let’s come up with the best pricing strategy together to help you get the most for your home!

Home Improvements/Staging

If you want our opinion on making upgrades to maximize your profit, we’d be happy to help! We don’t want you wasting your valuable savings making improvements when you won’t see a return on the sale! We’ll also give you our opinion on if we think partial or full staging will help maximize your profits. We’ve worked with great companies of the years and we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We’d be happy to give you advice and referrals for contractors and home stagers. If you want to minimize your costs and need affordable upgrade ideas you can do on your own, we can also guide you in the right direction.


Marketing is one of the best tools we have to sell your home! 


Nowadays, Buyers are more informed than ever when it’s comes to searching for homes online. We’ll advertise your home on all of the most popular buyer search websites like MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com just to name a few! We also believe in the importance of social media marketing. Times have a changed and it’s important that our marketing plan targets the most potential Buyers we can! We love creating sponsored ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! 

Professional Photography

We also know the importance of photos! We will always use a professional and experienced photographer when we list your home. Most agents think their cell phones will work just fine and they like saving money by not hiring a professional. We want you to get the most money for your home, so we would never cut corners by taking the photos ourselves! Professional photography makes your property stand out from the rest! When a buyer is looking at hundreds of listings online, they may only spend a few seconds looking at a property and may only look at the first exterior photo before scrolling to the next listing. If your photos aren't eye catching, you could loose the perfect buyer! Photos sell homes, end of story! 

Open Houses

Open houses are a great way to advertise your home. We don’t believe in open houses just to say we did one! We believe in Mega Open Houses. We won’t put just a few small signs out on the day of. We’ll put out a minimum 25 signs and we’ll flood the main roads nearby to drive in traffic! We’ve noticed that most people who attend our open houses come because of all of our signage. A lot of buyers love going to open houses on the weekends. They don’t have to deal with the pressure of having an agent accommodate them, but they still want to view homes. What a great way to expose your home to some of the more reserved buyer’s that already love your neighborhood!

Yes, you might get a lot of nosy neighbors too .That’s not a bad thing! Your neighbors love their homes and the neighborhood too. They have the potential to be a great asset into helping us find the right buyer. They may have family and friends that have always loved visiting and would love to be your exact neighborhood. They also might love their neighborhood, but are looking to downsize or get into a bigger home. Your home could be perfect for them too. Why not invite them over for a while to see what they think and who they know that might be interested in your home!


Once we’ve got the perfect offer negotiated, it’s time for a smooth closing! We’ll guide you through the entire process. We’ll work with the title company and the buyer’s agent to make sure everything is scheduled and on track. The title company may require documents from you so we’ll make sure you’re aware of what they need as soon as possible. We want to make the process is stress free for you so we’ll give you updates throughout so there’s no surprises. It’s almost impossible to over communicate with our clients so we promise you’ll never feel in the dark about you’re the progress of your sale. 

As small business owners, we truly appreciate every client we work with! We treat our clients the same as our friends and family and are truly happy for their milestones too. You’ll never feel like just another number with a corporate firm. We want you to leave the closing table confident that you were always treated fairly and honestly and happy to refer us to your family and friends.